The answer is very interesting / File photo
The answer is very interesting / File photo

Many people feel that time is passing by very quickly.

Even at the end of a year, it seems like the year has gone by too fast or it feels like years have passed since the last week or month of an event or holiday.

So why does this happen i.e. why does time seem to pass so quickly?

The answer is very interesting.

Well, before that, know that children feel that time passes very slowly compared to adults.

The answer is hidden in our mind.

one research As we age, our brain’s internal clock slows down, making life feel faster.

Other Research Reports It has been suggested that there is a relationship between the sense of passage of time and new cognitive details.

That is, when we are young, everything seems new, which causes our brain to analyze more and as a result time seems to pass slower.

one research It was discovered that the release of dopamine, a hormone released by the brain as a result of a unique activity, begins to decline after the age of 20, making us feel that time is passing very quickly.

Effects of routine life

As we grow older, routines of life also become same and do not try to learn anything new.

In contrast, in childhood and adolescence we do many things for the first time, such as the first day of school, the first day of summer vacation, the first friend, the first job, and many more.

So when early in life we ​​become part of new things, time seems to pass slowly, but when our life is stagnant and consists of fixed routines, time seems to pass very quickly. .

When life goes by in a monotonous way, our mind doesn’t have much to do and that’s why time feels like it’s going by so fast.

That is, if one prefers to be a part of new activities despite aging, then time will not feel like it is passing fast.

Happiness and a sense of time passing

When you’re very happy and engaged in an activity you enjoy, time seems to fly by, while when you’re bored or sad, it’s hard to pass the time.

one research According to

For example, when you are doing something that has to be done in a certain time or want to achieve a complex goal, time seems to fly.

Similarly, playing a game, watching a good movie or reading a book also passes the time.

During this time, the brain sees different scenarios that make time seem to fly by and vice versa when you are bored, time slows down for the brain.

According to researchers, the brain has different timing mechanisms, one of which is speeding, which activates brain cells to form a network for an activity.

The faster these cells make their way, the faster time seems to pass.

Research has shown that as we age, time seems to pass more quickly, and in childhood our brains build dense memory networks to remember events and experiences from that time.

People have seen a lot when they grow up and don’t need such a dense network.