This interesting claim was revealed in a new study / file photo
This interesting claim was revealed in a new study / file photo

Do not sleep often after lying down to sleep at night? So the simple solution is hidden in your TV.

Yes indeed, watching suspenseful thriller TV dramas or shows before going to sleep can help to overcome the problem of insomnia.

This interesting claim was revealed in a study conducted in Switzerland.

Research from the University of Fribourg, discovered that watching interesting shows does not have negative effects on sleep quality, but rather helps to fall asleep faster.

The study included 50 people who were shown 3 episodes of a TV show before going to bed.

50% of the volunteers were shown various interesting shows while others were shown documentary shows.

During the study, stress was also assessed by measuring heart rate and levels of a hormone called cortisol.

The results showed that although stress was increased while watching the curiosity shows, the quality or duration of sleep of those who watched them was not affected.

According to the researchers, we discovered that those who watched curiosity shows went to bed earlier than those who watched documentaries.

The study found that people who watched suspenseful shows with twist endings fell asleep an average of 19 minutes and 13 seconds after going to bed, compared to 21 minutes and 20 seconds in the documentary show group.

Similarly, viewers of typical curiosity shows needed 18 minutes and 39 seconds to fall asleep.

According to the researchers, TV shows had no effect on the sleep duration, deep sleep and other factors of a person, but they fell asleep earlier.

Experts have not been able to discover the reason for this, but they believe that the curiosity content was more interesting for the viewers, while watching documentary programs may have affected sleep due to disgust.

The results of the study were published in the journal Sleep Medicine.