Photo: Indian Media
Photo: Indian Media

A unique competition was held in India this year too, in which citizens were given various prizes for eating curd.

According to Indian media reports, an interesting curd eating competition has been organized in Patna city for the past 11 years, in which a large number of citizens participate.

This competition was not held for two years due to Corona, but this year this event was held in the last few days in which more than 500 citizens participated.

In the yogurt eating competition, citizens have to eat 3 kg of yogurt within 3 minutes. This competition is organized by Dairy Organization of Patna, in which 3 categories (male, female and old age) people were included.

According to Indian media, Ajay Kumar won the competition in the men’s category, he ate 3.42 kg of curd in 3 minutes, while the women’s competition was won by Prema Tiwari.

It is not clear how much prize money is given to the winners, but they get the title of Dahi Shri.

According to reports, Dairy Awareness of Patna has been organizing this competition since 2012 with the aim of informing the citizens about the importance of yogurt for health.