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Photo: File

US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley has said that it will be very difficult to withdraw Russian forces from Ukrainian territories this year.

On the occasion of participating in the meeting held at the Ramstein Air Base of the United States in Germany, General Mark Milley said that it will be very difficult for Ukraine to liberate an inch of its land from Russian occupation in the same year.

The defense officials of 50 countries participating in the meeting for defense assistance to Ukraine in Germany could not reach any conclusion in the discussion regarding the supply of Leopard-2 tanks equipped with advanced combat capabilities to Ukraine, but agreed to continue the defense assistance to Ukraine. went.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ukrainian President Zelensky appealed to the participants to provide more weapons, saying that the war started by Russia does not allow us to delay any more.

On the other hand, senior US officials have barred Ukraine from taking any offensive action against Russia until US arms supplies and military training are completed.