The reality of these seeds boggles the mind / file photo
The reality of these ‘seeds’ boggles the mind / file photo

The strawberry fruit is beautiful to look at and tastes great too.

But have you ever wondered why strawberries have strange marks on them?

In fact, it feels like the ‘seeds’ are on top of the fruit rather than inside it.

So the answer will surprise you and you will feel that you don’t know anything about strawberry fruit.

Yes, the seeds on top of strawberries are not actually seeds and the red fruit we eat is not technically a fruit.

The seed-like thing on top of a strawberry is called an achene.

You will be amazed to know that the achene is actually the fruit of the strawberry plant and inside each achene is a seed.

As for the beautiful red pulp that we think of as a strawberry fruit, it’s actually the tissue that connects the flower to the plant.

When a strawberry flower is fertilized, this tissue develops and changes.

So the many seeds that appear on the surface of the strawberry are actually fruits, but it is not known why the small, dry fruits are outside the red sweet part.

It is only known that unlike other fruits, the fruit in the strawberry flower does not swell, but its tissue swells, while the true fruit appears in a small dry form.

Interestingly, most strawberry plants do not need seeds to grow, but propagate by making copies of themselves.