Photo: Social media
Photo: Social media

A referendum in favor of Khalistan is taking place today in the city of Melbourne, Australia, organized by the Sikh for Justice organization, where members of the Sikh community are voting in favor of an independent Khalistan.

Queuing up to two kilometers for the referendum, where people over the age of 18 from India’s eastern state of Punjab are eligible to vote, outside the polling station, men and women hold Khalistan independence posters and flags.

Sikh leaders say that the purpose of the Khalistan referendum is to get the UN to approve the demand for an independent Khalistan.

On the other hand, the posters and banners placed in favor of the Khalistan referendum were torn down in Melbourne.

General Secretary of Sikh for Justice Organization Gurpatwand Singh Pannu said that vandalism in Melbourne has nothing to do with Khalistan Referendum. .

This referendum has been conducted in seven European countries including Great Britain, Switzerland and Canada.