Photo: File
Photo: File

There are definitely some teachers in the school who love the students like their own children.

A video is going viral on social media these days in which a male teacher announced a wonderful gift for more than 700 students in a school on his 50th birthday.

‘Today is a very special day because I have turned 50, my beautiful wife asked me what I want for my 50th birthday,’ the teacher announced.

The teacher said she wanted to do something for the children, so instead of buying a party or gifts from friends or relatives, she announced that she would use her birthday budget to buy ice cream for more than 700 students. All the students were happy to hear that everyone will get ice cream.

According to foreign media reports, the school teacher’s wife says that the children love my husband. My husband was bullied a lot in school as a child, so he knows how difficult children’s lives are, so in middle school. At age they want to be the light in their lives.