This was revealed in a new study / file photo
This was revealed in a new study / file photo

A very common habit in today’s age is proving to be destructive to a couple’s relationship and unfortunately most people have this habit.

And that is the habit of neglecting other people especially the spouse for their smartphone.

This is a new thing research I came forward.

Research published in the journal Psychological Reports showed that this habit is now very common and almost everyone does it at one time or another.

Research has discovered that this seemingly common habit not only affects the mood of those around you, but it can also destroy a couple’s relationship.

According to research, this habit results in negative effects on interpersonal relationships.

The researchers said that when one of the spouses is too busy on the smartphone, the relationship of the couple is affected.

Previous research reports have also linked excessive use of smartphones to depression, low self-esteem and irritability.

But this new study examined the effects of this habit on the relationship between couples.

The study involved 308 people and found that excessive smartphone use by either spouse affected relationship satisfaction and happiness.

Similarly, the quality of the relationship is also adversely affected while the happiness of life is also adversely affected.

According to the researchers, the discovery was surprising as to how a seemingly normal habit of a single individual can be destructive to a relationship between couples.

The researchers acknowledge that it is difficult to determine the causes in such research, but it is clear that the habit is devastating for couples.

He suggested that if you want to keep your spouse happy, try to avoid this habit.