Can you ever fight for what is rightfully yours? Something similar happened recently when women in Brazil created an uproar after not getting a window seat.

According to a foreign news agency, an unusual incident took place on a Brazilian plane when women beat each other for a window seat, causing the flight to be delayed by 2 hours.

What was the matter?

It happened that before the plane took off, a woman passenger requested another woman to change the seat to make her disabled son sit on the window seat.

In response, the second woman immediately refused, on which a discussion began.

The argument later turned into a fight and marquee, with the ship’s crew trying unsuccessfully to settle the matter between the women.

According to the crew of the plane, the incident took place when the door of the plane was being closed, when the women were seen punching and slapping each other, including abusing each other.

The airline later said the two women involved in the altercation were removed from the plane.