Renowned singer Sajjad Ali denied the news about his sister in recent days and termed the news as a lie and ‘sister’ as a fake.

In this regard, now Sajjad Ali has issued a formal statement from his official account and has said that some time ago someone arranged a fake marriage for me due to which my wife and children were angry that why we were not invited to the wedding?

He said that now a fake sister and false story has been created, the caption of which says that the sister of billionaire singer Sajjad Ali is forced to beg.

He said that he has tried to prove that he is my sister by placing his wife’s childhood picture in the thumbnail of the story.

Sajjad Ali said that such videos are made to spoil the fame, money and honor of others, that woman is not my sister, cousin or distant relative.

He said that I can take legal action against her, but she is a poor woman who starts saying anything when people say anything. , there was no need for so much drama, I think there are people behind all this who are inciting this lady.

The singer added that some people believe such ridiculous news and then comment, it’s surprising and sad that people share such things without any verification.

He said that I have been serving Pakistan for 43 years, my honor cannot be tarnished by such false news.

It should be noted that a video went viral on social media in the past few days in which a ‘poor woman’ was described as the sister of singer Sajjad Ali, after which some social media users criticized the singer without any research.