The reason is quite interesting / File photo
The reason is quite interesting / File photo

Men’s and often women’s shirt sleeves have 2 buttons but a buttonhole is provided to fasten them.

So why do shirts have 2 buttons on each sleeve?

By the way, know that the purpose of 2 buttons is not that if one button breaks, you can use the other, but the real reason is something else.

Yes indeed, a stylist answered this question in a Tik Tok video some time ago.

He said in the video that the second button in the sleeves of the shirts is not for extra or decoration but there is a specific reason for its presence.

He said that 2 buttons are made part of shirts because of wrist watch.

According to the video, people usually wear the wristwatch on their left hand, so the sleeve is given an extra button to keep it from being too tight.