Its real purpose is known to very few people / File photo
Its real purpose is known to very few people / File photo

If you are traveling in a vehicle, a seat handle will be visible.

Did you know that this is a part of a vehicle whose real purpose is known to very few people?

By the way, this handle is usually not above the driver’s seat, so what is its purpose?

Most people find that holding the handle helps stabilize the body or at least gives a sense of security when the car is moving fast.

But this idea is wrong and that is why this handle is not present above the driver’s seat.

The real purpose of this vehicle handle is not that but something that you have never imagined.

These handles are mainly for people who suffer from a physical disability.

That is, if someone uses a wheelchair, he can sit inside or get out of the vehicle by holding this handle.

Similarly, if a person has weak legs and cannot keep his body in a stable position while traveling, he can keep himself in the correct position by holding the handle.

Even common people can use this handle to push their legs to get out of the vehicle.

In simple words, these handles provide support for getting on or off the vehicle and that is their main purpose.