Use plastic bags for these tasks instead of throwing them away / File Photo
Use plastic bags for these tasks instead of throwing them away / File Photo

Plastic bags are used everywhere around the world (except in cities where they are banned) and are found in large numbers in homes.

Often these plastic bags are wasted and lead to increased environmental pollution.

But you can also use plastic bags for many things that you never imagined.

Use as a litter box while traveling in the car

Plastic bags do not require much space to keep in the glove box of vehicles.

These plastic bags can be used as garbage bins while traveling in the vehicle and thus make it possible to keep the vehicle clean.

Protecting fragile items during travel

Stretch plastic bags between fragile items such as ceramic plates or other containers.

Doing so reduces the risk of these items colliding and being damaged during travel.

Travel laundry bag

The next time you pack a suitcase, don’t forget to pack a few plastic bags.

These plastic bags will be used to store dirty clothes, thereby making it possible to keep clean clothes and belongings separate.

Surf usage

If you plan to do laundry during the trip, prepare it in advance instead of buying it from the market.

For this purpose fill some amount of surf in a plastic bag and that’s it.

Make a funnel

A small plastic bag can easily be used to make a funnel.

For this purpose, punch the plastic bag in the box for which you want to use the funnel and make a hole in the bottom of it and transfer the desired item to the box.

After moving the desired item, remove the plastic bag and throw it in the garbage.

Protect locks from freezing

If the weather in your area is cold enough to freeze even the locks, a plastic bag can be helpful.

Use the lock in a small plastic bag and forget about the problem of freezing.

Decorate the cake

Pastry bags are expensive and difficult to clean.

So take a sealable plastic bag.

Fill the bag with the cake decorating cream or egg mixture and close the top, but don’t forget to remove the air first.

A hole in one corner of the bag will make it easier to pour the cream or mixture onto the cake.

Make kitchen gloves for kids

Who doesn’t like to help in the kitchen, but when kids do something in there, their hands get dirty and hand marks are visible everywhere.

So to avoid this problem, put small plastic bags in the hands of children and let them do the work, these ‘gloves’ are very easy to destroy or clean.

Cleaning beach sand sticking to hands

If you are having fun at the beach and it is time to eat, instead of using water for help, you can remove the sand stuck to your hands with a plastic bag.

For this purpose, sprinkle some amount of baby powder inside the plastic bag and then insert the hands inside the plastic bag.

After a few seconds, rubbing the hands together will remove the stuck sand.

Treatment for motion sickness while traveling in a car

The thought of a child or adult throwing up while traveling in a car and then cleaning up is terrifying.

For this purpose, put some cotton in a resealable plastic bag and sprinkle a few drops of lavender oil on it.

When someone complains of nausea, opening this plastic bag and smelling it will improve the condition.

Protection of valuables

Heading to a lake, river, swimming pool or ocean? So put your belongings like mobile phone and keys in a resealable plastic bag.

After placing the goods, fill the plastic bag with air before sealing it, which keeps the goods safe in water, while even after falling into water, the plastic bag does not sink, but floats up due to air.

Protection of fragile items

Place small breakable items in a plastic bag before storing and then fill the bag with air before closing.

The air in the bag will act as a shield for these items.

Dispose of cooking oil

Want to keep your kitchen sink from clogging up with cooking oil? So use a resealable plastic bag.

Instead of pouring the oil down the sink, fill this bag and throw it in the garbage.