Photo: Social media
Photo: Social media

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah gave a shout out to those who criticized her wedding dress.

Yesterday, Ushna Shah and famous golfer Hamza Amin tied the knot, the ceremony was attended by close friends and stars from the showbiz industry.

In the viral photos and videos on social media, it can be seen that actress Ushna chose a red dress for the wedding ceremony while her husband wore a white sherwani.

On this occasion, Ashna was also seen dancing with the groom, whose videos are going viral on social media.

However, after the wedding pictures and video went viral, some social media users criticized Ushna’s outfit.

One user wrote that ‘People like Ushna Shah have ruined our culture, the clothes she is wearing, the dance she is doing sends a clear message that she is not a role model for our children in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, not ever. will be’

Ishna Shah issued a message through her Instagram story taking a swipe at social media users for criticizing the outfit.

He wrote that ‘To those who have a problem with my dress, you were not invited to the event nor did you pay for my dress, my suit, my jewelery is all Pakistani, but my heart is half Austrian. ‘.

He further said that may Allah bless us.

Photo: Social media
Photo: Social media

Remember that in December, Ushna Shah got engaged to golfer Hamza Amin, whose photos were also shared by the actress.

Hamza Amin holds Pakistani and Austrian citizenship.