Ronald Mallett with his device Ring Laser / Photo courtesy of Bloomberg
Ronald Mallett with his device Ring Laser / Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

The death of a parent is a tragedy in a person’s life that he never forgets.

This is what happened to Ronald Lawrence Mallett who lost his father at the age of 10 and this tragedy made him a scientist who has been working for years to make time travel possible.

Ronald Mallett was born in 1945 in the US state of Pennsylvania and was very close to his father since childhood.

When Ronald Mallett’s father, Boyd Mallett, died suddenly of a heart attack in 1955 at the age of 33, the event changed Ronald Mallett’s life.

At the age of 11, Ronald Mallett read HG Wells’ book The Time Machine and then decided to build a time machine to save his father by going back in time.

With the help of his father’s equipment, he also developed a book-like time machine, which was not effective, but he did not back down from his idea.

With this in mind, he chose the field of education and earned a PhD in physics and became a professor at the University of Connecticut.

For more than 5 decades he has been working on the development of the time machine.

During this period he did not turn away from his efforts to build a time machine and the basis of his research work is Einstein’s theory of general relativity which took space and time into account.

But despite his academic achievements, he could not discuss time travel publicly for a long time.

In the mid-1990s, when the possibility of time travel began to be discussed in various circles, Ronald Mallett felt that he could now discuss his work.

They say that if gravity affects time and light can create gravity, then light can also affect time and change it.

For more than 5 decades they have been working on it / Photo courtesy of Bloomberg
For more than 5 decades they have been working on it / Photo courtesy of Bloomberg

They believe that rotating black holes create a gravitational field that creates a time loop and allows you to travel back in time.

Unlike a normal black hole, a rotating black hole or worm hole is like a tunnel with 2 sides (that’s what scientists currently believe).

Ronald Mallett has developed a device called a ring laser and says it is possible to influence time with light.

He said that according to Einstein’s theory, space and time are connected and that is why it is called space-time, so if a black hole rotates, it is essentially rotating in time.

Since the number of black holes in our galaxy is very small, Ronald Mallett believes that using a ring laser, he can find an alternative.

But such a time machine would also be very large and they themselves admit that it would require a lot of energy.

He said that right now he does not know how big this time machine will be, I can only say that the machine will be big.

It also requires a lot of capital, and even after acquiring it, if Ronald Mallett were to put his vision into practice, he would not be able to travel far back in time.

According to his own research and theory, there is no way he could go back to 1955.

So what do they feel after knowing this? In his own words ‘It’s certainly sad but not tragic for me, because I remember being a little kid who dreamed of building a time machine, now I know how it’s possible’.

He said that this time machine has hidden many opportunities regarding the life of our planet, such as when an earthquake or tsunami is coming or what are the vaccines and medicines for the covid epidemic, it will be possible to tell from the future. .

He said, ‘I have opened the door to possibilities and I am sure my father would be proud of it’.