Rising inflation and high petrol prices have troubled every class and in such a situation, a couple arranged their transport for the wedding in such a way that the onlookers were shocked.

Recently, a video surfaced on a photographer’s page of a couple in which they were seen entering on a donkey cart instead of arriving in an expensive car decorated with gold for a Mayan ritual.

Meanwhile, the groom came driving the donkey holding the rope, while the bride sitting next to him also continued to enjoy these moments.

It can be seen in the video that the donkey cart has also been decorated with yellow flowers like a precious vehicle in accordance with Mayans.

In this regard, the photographers page says that the unique entry for the wedding ceremony was the wish of the bridegroom for which a donkey car was chosen and one of the reasons for this desire may be the high cost of petrol.

The video of this interesting entry of Dulaha Dulahan is viral on social media, on which users are also making interesting comments.