This claim came out in a study / file photo
This claim came out in a study / file photo

What do you think is the secret behind a happily married couple’s successful relationship?

This secret is hidden in your tongue.

This is the one happening in Canada research I came forward.

A Concordia University study found that husbands and wives using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ make marriages more successful.

The researchers said that the use of the word “hum” for spouse indicates that a person does not consider his life partner as separate from himself but as part of his personality.

In this study, 77 couples were included and their lives were evaluated.

All the men and women involved in the study were interviewed separately by the researchers.

The results showed that couples who considered each other as a part of themselves also had a better and more successful married life than others.

The researchers said that seeing one’s spouse as a partner in difficult times strengthens the relationship between couples and reduces feelings of marital dissatisfaction over time.

He added that more research is needed in this regard, but it is clear that your language and thinking are important in improving the relationship with your spouse.

The results of this study were published in the journal Personal Relationships.