Batter of Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team Muniba Ali says that there is still a gap between Pakistan and the top women’s teams in the world which we have to overcome.

Talking to Geo News, Muniba Ali said that we will benefit a lot from the Pakistan Women’s League, we are still learning a lot, if we get more time, we will learn more. How Key Players View the Game

He said that it was a good experience in the first exhibition match, everyone is getting to learn, not enough players get a chance, the role of women’s league will be important in bringing them forward.

He further said that he is sure that women’s league will also be a great event like PSL, Pakistan cricket will benefit the most from such things. If the league is successful, cricket will also be a regular profession for women. will go

The national batsman said, “I wish to go and play in other leagues of the world. Hopefully, seeing our recent performance, other girls will also be encouraged.”

He said that when you perform on a big stage, it feels good, scoring a century in the World Cup is a big thing.

Muniba Ali also said that to play at the top level you have to work hard, every time you have to improve your game or else the opponent will catch you, try to improve your game every time.

He said that there is still a gap between Pakistan and the world’s top women’s teams which needs to be overcome. Things will definitely improve, domestic cricket will be beneficial for us if it is longer than two weeks.

The national batsman said that the effort is to become one of the top players in the world. I want Pakistan to become one of the top four teams in the world. If we continue to play cricket consistently, we can definitely become one of the top teams.