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Photo: File

You must have heard of stones, coins, scissors coming out of people’s stomachs, but today we are telling you an interesting incident in which a bunch of hair came out from the stomach of an 11-year-old girl.

According to foreign media reports, the amazing incident took place in the Czech Republic, where on Tuesday, doctors successfully operated on an 11-year-old girl to remove a cup-sized clump of hair from her stomach.

According to reports, the girl is suffering from a strange disease of eating by scratching her hair.

Media reports say that the 11-year-old girl suffers from a syndrome called Rapunzel, a disease first reported in 1968 of which only a dozen cases have been reported worldwide.

A surgeon who successfully operated on a girl in the Czech Republic said that in this disease, the patient begins to scratch his hair and eat it, most of the victims of this disease are girls who face it from childhood to old age.

According to the doctor, the tuft of hair was 8 inches big, so it was impossible to remove it through the girl’s mouth, which is why the girl had to undergo surgery.

He further said that if the operation was not done, the girl would have faced severe pain in her stomach while her weight would have gradually decreased.