Photo: File
Photo: File

A great example of true love and affection has come to light in Abu Dhabi where a husband saved his wife’s life by donating his kidney.

According to foreign media reports, 38-year-old Frederick Valiant from the Philippines donated one of his kidneys to his 37-year-old wife, Maria Theresa, at Burjeel Medical Hospital in Abu Dhabi.

The last year has been a challenging one for Frederik and Maria, as the woman was suffering from kidney disease, Maria had to undergo dialysis three times a week to survive, but the couple consulted doctors and decided to undergo a kidney transplant.

After doctors’ advice, a search for a kidney donor for Maria began, so Maria’s niece decided to donate a kidney, but due to medical reasons, it was not possible.

Then it was Maria’s husband who decided to donate a kidney to his wife, after meeting all the medical criteria, a team of doctors successfully completed the transplant by performing a complex 8-hour surgery.

Frederick says I just did what any husband would do, I love my wife and would do anything for her, I am happy that I donated one of my kidneys to give her a normal life. Helped to spend.

According to reports, Frederick and Maria have been married for about 8 years, the couple has two children, and has been living in Sharjah for the past 10 years.