Photo: Oddity Central
Photo: Oddity Central

Can you imagine eating only one thing for two decades? Of course your answer will be no, but today we are going to tell you about a man who has survived on only one thing for the past 28 years.

According to reports, 64-year-old Balakrishnan Pillai from the Indian state of Kerala has claimed that he has been living on coconuts for the past 28 years. During this period, he has eaten nothing but coconuts.

Balakrishnan was a footballer in his youth, but at the age of 35 he was diagnosed with a disease called gastro-oesophageal reflux, which caused him to regurgitate almost anything he ate, causing him to become so weak. He was unable to walk.

Balakrishna tried various remedies to cure himself, but then one day he started eating coconuts, eating it and drinking coconut water made him feel so much better that he soon decided that this was the only thing he would eat. .

By eating only coconut and drinking coconut water for the past 28 years, Balakrishna is now in perfect health and is healthy.

Balakrishna says that now he only eats coconuts and drinks coconut water daily, while his family has also started coconut cultivation because of him.