No one likes such an experience / File photo
No one likes such an experience / File photo

You have often seen or experienced barking dogs running after a motorcycle, car or jogging person.

Needless to say, most people panic when barking dogs run after them because they think the animal is about to attack.

Even the thought of getting vaccinated after a dog bite scares me.

But why do dogs behave this way or why do they dislike motorcycles or cars so much?

There is no single reason but various reasons why dogs exhibit such aggressive behavior.

Dogs feel fear

Dogs sense human anxiety, fear, and stress, so when they sense the stress, fear, or anxiety of a person riding a motorcycle, they react aggressively.

Their ears are sensitive

Motorcycles or cars that make a lot of noise can have a negative effect on dogs’ hearing.

Dogs’ ears are very sensitive and they don’t like noise at all which they bark and chase.

Predatory nature

A possible reason why dogs run after cars and motorcycles is their predatory nature.

They see these riders as an animal to be chased, usually by a pack rather than a single dog.

Their game

Some dogs love to play, so chasing cars or bikes is just a source of enjoyment for them.

In fact, some dogs chase anything that runs away.

Protecting your territory

One of the main reasons for this behavior of dogs is their territory and they try to protect them by perceiving the car or bike as a threat to their family.

It is not possible to say anything about this clearly, but it is believed that dogs see a car or motorcycle as a big monster and try to scare it away.

They do this even when they are bored

Dogs have a lot of energy and if they spend too much time sitting, they get bored while the body begins to accumulate energy.

Due to this, they chase cars or motorcycles or start digging holes.

It is exciting work for them

Some dogs get excited very quickly, which results in them exhibiting dangerous behaviors.

Chasing cars or bikes is also an exciting activity for them.

One study discovered that dogs get excited when chasing moving objects (cars, bikes or people jogging).

Become a habit

Many times it becomes a habit for dogs to follow a car or bike every day.