World famous Naseem Vicky, who has acted in many comedy shows including the Indian comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, says that there is no comedian in Pakistan who can match Kapil Sharma.

Recently speaking in a podcast, Naseem Vicky praised Kapil for his first meeting with his show and the actors working in it.

Naseem Wiki said that the Indian industry is far ahead of Pakistan, our country does not have 100 heroes, heroines, nor are there so many directors, nor are so many films made in our country that actors come to the show for their promotion.

The comedian said that Kapil is very talented and Indian content is much better than ours.

Naseem said regarding the first meeting with Kapil, ‘Kapil is my younger brother and he loves me a lot, when his show was made, he came to meet me and invited me for dinner, I went to have dinner with him. , in this meeting, Kapil had said that I have come to have darshan of you’.

Naseem Vicky said ‘Later I became a part of his show, wrote the script many times, we had many meetings’.

When the video clip of the Pakistani artist went viral on social media, he was severely criticized by the users.