Do you know the reason for this / File photo
Do you know the reason for this / File photo

Our clothes look simple but there are many secrets hidden in them.

Like why jeans have small pockets in the pants or why jeans have buttons next to the pockets, many people don’t know their purpose.

A similar mystery is associated with everyday dress shirts and that is the loop on the back.

The loop on the back of many dress shirts is basically a small piece of fabric that usually sits between the two shoulders.

But why does this happen? There is quite an interesting story behind it.

The loop in shirts first became popular among sailors in the US Navy, and it was probably there that it was first made a part of shirts.

The reason this loop was added to shirts was because sailors did not have closets or space to store their uniforms.

So, thanks to this loop, they were able to hang the shirt on any hook to dry it.

But in the 1960s, the loop went out of navy and was introduced to shirts by a company called the Locker Loop for students.

At that time, these shirts were very popular among students who used to hang them in their lockers and their ironing did not get damaged.

Since then, many companies have adopted this trend and now such a loop is often seen in dress shirts.

Yes, in some shirts it is also behind the collar and its purpose is to keep the bow tie in place.