Great Haram of Giza / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Great Haram of Giza / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The pyramids of Egypt have been the center of attention of Egyptians for centuries and many of their secrets are still not revealed.

Among them, the Great Haram of Giza or Haram Khufu is the most prominent, the construction of which has been more than 4 and a half thousand years, but the mystery connected with it is still being revealed.

Scientists discovered a secret about its internal structure some time ago, which they still do not understand.

At the beginning of March 2023, scientists presented to the world the corridor hidden for thousands of years in the Great Haram of Giza.

These scientists also discovered a big gap in this wonder of the world which is still a mystery to them.

This space is above the grand gallery of the harem that leads visitors to the king’s chamber.

Scientists have named this gap as Big Void which is hidden by a rock which means it is not accessible.

But through scans, it was found that this space is spread over an area of ​​several hundred cubic meters.

This gap is indicated by the letter i in this scan / Photo courtesy of the journal Nature
This gap is indicated by the letter i in this scan / Photo courtesy of the journal Nature

This gap was first discovered in 2017 but was not worked on because it was located right in the middle of the pyramid.

Now the scientists have told about the research work in this regard.

These scientists have been scanning this pyramid since 2015 using the latest technology.

The purpose of this work is to find out how such pyramids were built in ancient times and how they have maintained themselves even after such a long time.

For scientists, research into this large space proved to be a much bigger challenge than the smaller corridor.

We focused on the corridor because it is close to the pyramid’s surface, making it relatively easy to study, while measuring the larger voids inside the pyramid is more difficult, the researchers said.

They believe there is a connection between the corridor and the great void, and hope that examining the corridor will give them an opportunity to learn about the great void as well.

But so far no such connection has been discovered.

He said that over-examination of this gap could lead to changes in the ancient building and hence a lot of caution is needed.

He said that this space is located in the middle of the Haram, so research on it is a very complicated process.

Scientists do not know what the purpose of this gap was, but they believe that the builders of the pyramid used it as a passageway inside the building and this passageway closed over time.

Some experts believe that this is a chamber that was built to protect the shrine from the devastating effects of an earthquake.