No reaction to Marian Biotech's license cancellation decision: Indian media - Photo: Reuters
No reaction to Marian Biotech’s license cancellation decision: Indian media – Photo: Reuters

India has canceled the license of an Indian pharmaceutical company over the death of 18 children due to the use of cough syrup in Uzbekistan.

In January this year, the World Health Organization warned against the use of two cough syrups of the Indian pharmaceutical company Marion Biotech as substandard, after which Uzbekistan and India stopped the company’s production. was

According to Indian media, the health department authorities in Uttar Pradesh have revoked the license of a pharmaceutical company due to the death of children in Uzbekistan due to the use of cough syrup.

Officials say that the company has been barred from manufacturing any kind of medicine in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida city, and after an investigation into the matter, it has been decided to revoke the company’s license for not responding to notices sent to it.

There was no reaction to the license cancellation decision by the Indian pharmaceutical company Marion Biotech.

It should be noted that after the World Health Organization issued a global medical alert after children died in Uzbekistan after using Indian cough syrup, India started investigating the case against the pharmaceutical company.

It should be remembered that India is a major exporter of generic drugs to developing countries around the world, however, in recent times, experts have expressed doubts about the quality of many drugs manufactured in India, while Marian Bio Tech is not the first company to run into trouble for making substandard drugs.