This revelation came out in a survey / file photo
This revelation came out in a survey / file photo

Mobile phones have now become an important part of our lives and because of Wi-Fi internet, they have started to act as personal digital assistants.

But if the mobile phone is out of sight, then how many people become restless or indecisive?

It may be hard to believe but almost 90% of people can’t stand being away from mobile phones.

This interesting claim is one of those made in China Survey I came forward.

A survey by the China Youth Daily Social Survey Center and Questionnaire Network revealed that 89.2 percent of people unconsciously keep their phones in sight.

The survey further revealed that if these people do not see the phone near them, they start feeling anxious or worried.

Similarly, 64.9 percent of people said that it is not possible for them to concentrate if the phone is away from them.

According to the survey, people born during the 1980s and 1990s are highly dependent on mobile phones and feel life is incomplete without a mobile phone.

Experts involved in the survey said that initially people use mobile phones to reduce stress and discover happiness.

But with time, they get so attached to phones that they can’t bear to be away from this device.

The survey found that over-reliance on mobile devices can lead to psychological problems.

These problems include difficulty concentrating, low self-esteem, anxiety and reduced physical activity.