This is that house / AFP Photo
This is that house / AFP Photo

A man who never had the chance to fly has spent his life’s savings to build a house that looks like an airplane.

Chrach Peou, from the Asian country of Cambodia, built this house in a town near Siem Reap.

He is a construction worker and spent 20 thousand dollars (over 5.6 lakh Pakistani rupees) to build this concrete ‘plane’.

Wings, tail fins, landing gear and engines can also be seen in this aircraft-shaped building.

According to Chrach Peou, 43, it took him about a year to build the building and he had been saving money for it for 30 years.

He said that ‘this was my childhood dream so I am very happy to fulfill it’.

“Now we can live here and this is my plane so I’m very happy,” he said.

This house built on a paddy field has 2 rooms and is also designed by Chrach Peou.

He said that he designed the house after watching several airplane videos on the internet and now he also takes money from people who visit there.

They charge one dollar for taking a selfie in front of this house.

However, Chrach Peou still wants to enjoy flying the original plane and is sure that this dream will come true one day.