Actress Iman Ali, the famous former model of Pakistan and elder daughter of late actor Abid Ali, has revealed that it has become very difficult for her to give interviews as she is not being spoken to properly due to her illness.

Recently, Iman Ali was a guest on Geo News’ program ‘Hansna Muni Hai’ where she discussed her career and private life with host Tabish Hashmi.

When Tabish Hashmi asked Iman about her illness, the actress said ‘I have multiple sclerosis (MS) which never goes away, you have to get used to living with it’.

Iman said, ‘It is very difficult to explain this disease, everything happens in it, my vision goes away, it does not go away, it has been a year and a half now and my hands are not working, they are as if they are numb. ‘.

She said ‘I am taking it as a challenge, just don’t take it on your head, there are many diseases that are not visible’.

Iman also said that it is very difficult for me to give an interview because I am not spoken to, the words spoken while talking are mixed with each other, I forget the words, like if there is a table, I will ask my mother. I ask what it is that we sit on and eat, that’s why I try not to pay much attention to it and keep joking with people.

It is a condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord with many symptoms such as vision problems, problems with movement of hands or legs, problems with speech, etc.

The disease can be lifelong, sometimes causing severe disability, although it is sometimes mild.