A study made this interesting claim / file photo
A study made this interesting claim / file photo

Many times it happens that we listen to a song and its lyrics keep popping up in our mind and we don’t understand how to get it out of our mind.

Now a new study has revealed why some songs stick in the mind and how they can be undone.

A study by the University of New South Wales in Australia revealed the reasons why some songs stick in the mind like a bug.

Research has shown that certain songs stick in the mind not because of their lyrics, but because they contain repetitions that are familiar to our brains.

Most such songs are primarily chorus songs (songs sung by several people together), the researchers said.

Research on such songs so far has not focused on what aspect of a song makes it stick in the mind, he said.

He said that in fact the music of most of the songs has no role in it but the repetition in its musical structure proves to be important in this respect.

But the research also found that while repetition is only one side of the puzzle, many other factors play a role, such as whether the song is new and the music feels familiar.

In the same way that a song comes to mind over and over again when we are very relaxed and cooking imaginary pilaf instead of doing something, the experience is less likely to occur if we are engaged in some task.

He said that these are songs that come to mind again and again, their lyrics resonate in the mind and the whole process is continuous and experienced by most people.

According to the researchers, most people find such songs enjoyable, but when they don’t like the music and the song sticks in their mind, they become irritated.

Research has shown that this process can be controlled quite consciously, such as listening to a song in its entirety or consciously starting to think about another song.

The results of this research were published in the journal Music and Science.