A video of the policemen engaged in an operation against dacoits holding a barbeque party in Rajanpurkekche area has gone viral.

In the video, it can be seen that the policemen are taking off the skin of the snake, putting spices on it and sprinkling lemon on it. The police official said that we will sprinkle lemons and eat them in the same way.

“We learned this in the counter-terrorism course under the command of the Special Service Group (SSG) of the Pakistan Army, where in a survival event we were told to eat such things to survive and get protein,” said a police official. We were trained for

In the video, the policemen can be seen eating the snake with sticks after cooking it on coals.

The police official said that the cobra snake has a lot of protein, the taste is similar to fish and chicken.

It should be noted that the police of both the provinces are conducting an operation against dacoits in the Kachhe area of ​​Sindh and Punjab.