Pakistan’s famous actress Ayesha Umar disclosed about her many years old relationship and said that she faced mental and physical violence in this relationship but somehow she managed to get out of it.

Recently, Ayesha Umar spoke about the bitterest period of her life in a podcast interview with actress, model and director Fareeha Altaf.

During the interview, the actress said that it was 8 years ago, we were almost done, we were like a family, it took me a long time to end this relationship or get out of it because I thought maybe that person was mine. Love will change, I will fix it’.

Ayesha said, ‘That man used to apologize after doing everything, after which I would forgive him and go back to him, but one day he physically abused me, that day I decided not to. No more and then I ended the relationship’.

He said that ‘the one with whom I was talking was abusive day and night, he was a person who used to abuse, he used to say that I abuse in love’.

Ayesha Umar said that it took me a long time to recover from this shock because I wasted precious years of my life because of this person.