These lines are called Blaschko lines / File photo
These lines are called Blaschko lines / File photo

It may be hard to believe, but the human body also has zebra-like lines that are not visible.

These lines are called Blaschko lines and are believed to be formed during the formation of the body in the womb.

These mysterious lines can only be seen under certain conditions.

These lines were first discovered by a German physician, Alfred Blaschko.

They collected data on people with a certain skin disease and mapped the changes in their skin, which is when they knew it.

In 1901, he presented details in this regard at a conference.

Now, 100 years later, scientists agree that these mysterious lines are formed in the womb.

According to scientists, these lines are v-shaped on the back, u-shaped on the chest and stomach, and wave-shaped on the hands and face.

Many skin diseases can cause these lines to appear on the body, but this is rare.

These invisible lines do not pass over any blood vessels nor are they connected to any body system.