Daily cleaning of fountains is essential / file photo
Daily cleaning of fountains is essential / file photo

Millions of people around the world use eyeglasses.

For these individuals, these glasses are very valuable because it is difficult to see the world without them.

Eyeglasses become dirty with dust, dirt and other particles and need to be cleaned daily.

But what is the best way to clean them? Is it okay to clean the glasses by rubbing them with the clothes on the body?

So you know the best and worst ways to clean glasses.

The worst way to clean glasses

Most of the people are used to cleaning the glasses with the shirt or any cloth on their body.

But cleaning the glasses with a shirt or cloth damages the glass on a long-term basis.

But cleaning glasses with clothes is harmful for glasses.

The rubbing effect of the cloth is similar to that of sand and creates small lines on the surface of the glass that gradually lead to major damage.

No matter how soft the cloth is, it is not suitable for cleaning glasses.

The best way to clean glasses

The best source of eyeglass cleaning is in your own home and there is no need to buy an expensive cleaning kit, just soap, water and cotton buds or cotton swabs.

Run the cotton bud into the crevices of the frame of the glasses to remove the debris.

After that, put the fountain under the tap and open the water so that the dirt on the surface can be cleaned.

Apply a small amount of liquid soap to both sides of the glasses with your finger to clean the sticky material and then rinse the glasses.

In some cases you can also use microfiber cloths.

But such clothes can be used to dry the glasses after washing.

So why is fountain cleaning important?

Apart from keeping the glasses clean, it is also important to keep the glasses clean.

Oil, dirt and other particles on our skin collect on the frame of the mirror, increasing the risk of nail acne.

This is why cleaning the fountain can help prevent nail acne.