This eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan / File photo
This eclipse will not be visible in Pakistan / File photo

A hybrid solar eclipse will be seen on April 20 in many countries of the world.

This hybrid eclipse will be visible in parts of Australia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and Antarctica.

However, it will not be possible to see it in Pakistan and India.

But what is a hybrid solar eclipse?

A hybrid solar eclipse refers to an eclipse that is neither partial nor total.

An eclipse occurs when the Moon is so far from Earth that it completely hides the Sun, but as it moves, it moves away from Earth and cannot hide the entire Sun.

That is, some parts of the earth will see a total solar eclipse and others will see it partially.

Such unusual hybrid solar eclipses only happen a few times a century, in fact, it will be the first time such an eclipse has been seen since 2013.

Keep in mind that direct viewing of a solar eclipse is harmful to eyesight.

On April 20, the solar eclipse will begin at 6:34 am Pakistan time, the total solar eclipse will occur at 7:37 am, and the solar eclipse will peak at 9:17 am, while the solar eclipse will end at 11:59 am. will be on