AI chatbot will now fulfill government duties as well / File photo
AI chatbot will now fulfill government duties as well / File photo

After 5 months of launch, ChatGPT is being used by students for writing essays, some people take it up for computer coding and more is being done.

But in one country it is being used to perform government duties.

Yes indeed, a chatbot based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology is being used to run the government in a city in Japan.

Japan’s Yokosuka City has announced that ChatGPT will now be used to provide administrative support.

A statement released on the city government’s website says that all civil servants can use the chatbot to shorten sentences, correct spelling and come up with new ideas.

A government spokesperson said that considering the population crisis at the country level, it was decided to use Chat GPT.

Japan’s elderly population has grown rapidly in recent years while the birth rate has declined.

The population of Yokosuka city is 376 thousand and it is also continuously decreasing.

In view of this, the local administration has decided to use ChatGPT to continue government operations.

ChatGPT will be used for administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus on tasks that only humans can do, the statement said.

The statement said the tool is expected to be widely used by staff, but confidential or personal details will not be entered into ChatGPT.

Interestingly, the statement released on the website states at the end that it was drafted by ChetGPT and proofread by staff.