Photo: Screengrab/Chinese Media
Photo: Screengrab/Chinese Media

An employee in China won a full year’s vacation with pay in a company raffle.

According to the Chinese media, an annual dinner was held in a company in the Chinese province of Guangdong after a gap of three years due to the Corona epidemic.

On the occasion of the annual dinner, a raffle was held by the company, in which one of the prizes that came out surprised everyone.

The lucky employee Lou who won the prize has been awarded a full year (365 days) of paid vacation.

According to the report, Lu is in a management-level position in the company and after winning the prize, he simply asked who would replace me.

The company also offered Luo that if he did not want to take leave, he could take a year’s salary increase, which would be in addition to the bonus money.

The above news went viral on Chinese social media and this news was viewed millions of times in 3 days.

Social media users reacted to the news with various comments and suggestions, with most suggesting that Lu take the money instead of a vacation.