The answer is very interesting / File photo
The answer is very interesting / File photo

Going to the beach gives a sense of happiness and then bathing is also fun.

But when it is time to go back home, it is known that the sand has stuck to the shoes, clothes, hands, hair but also the whole body, which is transferred from there to different things in the house.

But why does the sand stick?

So the answer is very interesting.

Well, the simple answer is that sand needs a medium to stick.

Sand is made up of various decomposed materials such as gypsum and not all of these materials are sticky.

The real problem is when the sand is wet.

Sand attracts water and when people go to the beach they sweat a lot due to sunlight.

So when a sweaty body comes in contact with sand, or when sand comes in contact with anything wet like towels and clothes, it starts to stick.

So when the body or things are dry, the sand starts falling off and gets trapped in the pores, small parts of the body like fingers.

However, just as moisture makes sand stick, putting too much water on the body causes it to flow away because instead of sticking, the sand starts to move downwards.