This often happens with couples / file photo
This often happens with couples / file photo

It has often been seen that couples gain weight after marriage.

By the way, marriage is beneficial for health, but often the body weight of newly married couples increases.

Several research reports have also confirmed that the risk of weight gain in couples increases after marriage.

One of over 8 thousand people research It was discovered that the average weight of women increases by 10 kg during the first 5 years of marriage.

But this matter is not limited to women but the body weight of men also increases.

one more research It was discovered that newly married couples who are happy with their marriage are more likely to gain body weight.

one research It was claimed that if one of the spouses becomes obese after marriage, the probability that the spouse will also suffer from obesity increases to 37%.

But why does this happen? So there are several reasons that lead to weight gain.

Don’t care

According to research reports, couples who are satisfied with their relationship gain weight because they have less desire to maintain a stable weight.

That is, they do not worry that the increase in body weight will make the figure look bad or not.

Going out to eat often

After the wedding, when the couple starts their new life, the feasts are plentiful and there is also a lot of going out.

This means that consumption of home-cooked food is reduced while market food is consumed more, which also results in increased body weight.

Change in dietary habits

Married couples often eat together, so they are more likely to overeat.

Generally, married people tend to eat more than before.

New priorities

If before marriage people are in the habit of taking daily walks, there is a strong possibility that this habit will end after marriage.

That is, taking care of health or body weight is no longer part of the priorities, but stabilizing the new life feels more important.

The stress of change in life

Many people do not prepare themselves for the big change in life and fear that their spouse will think badly of them.

Such people tend to overeat due to stress and gain weight.

Note: This article is based on details published in medical journals, readers must consult their physician in this regard.