World famous singer Ali Zafar denied joining a political party.

Since last day, a jacket worn by Ali Zafar was going viral on social media, on which was written Sher Aya Sher Aya, along with the image of a bat was prominent on this jacket.

The users who shared this picture were claiming that Ali Zafar has joined the PML-N, now the reason for wearing this jacket and Ali Zafar’s reaction regarding joining a political party has come out.

Sharing a video of himself on Twitter, Ali Zafar said that he wore a hoodie for the sound check before the show in Toronto last night. Probably I have joined a political party.

Ali Zafar showed the mark on the hoodie and clarified that in fact it is a hoodie and there are also marks like Bula, lion on it, don’t miscolor this hoodie and the political symbols on it, I am an artist, let it go.

Along with his video, Ali Zafar also shared a tweet on which it was written that it is not appropriate to politicize and make everything controversial without research. The actual picture published with the wrong headline.