Mona Lisa painting / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
Mona Lisa painting / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

If we talk about the world of painting, the painting Mona Lisa by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci can be considered the most popular.

The painting was completed sometime between 1503 and 1517, and for centuries people have wanted to know who the woman is and where the scene behind her is.

Now it seems that at least the background mystery is solved.

Silvano Vanisti, a historian from Italy, claims that the bridge of a small town is depicted in this painting.

They say that Rometo di Latrina, a town in the province of Arezzo, Italy, is in the background of the Mona Lisa.

Leonardo da Vinci painted the painting in Florence, and since then there has been countless speculations about the woman’s identity and her background.

In the past, it has been suggested that the bridge in the painting is the Ponte Borino near Rometo di Latrina, while some quarters continue to attribute the painting to a bridge in northern Italy.

Silvano Venesti used historical documents and drone images of the area to compare this data with the area depicted in the painting.

He said that the most prominent feature of this bridge is the number of arches in it.

The bridge in the painting and the real bridge have 4 arches, while bridges elsewhere have more.

This is that bridge / Photo courtesy of Le Rocca Cultural Association
This is that bridge / Photo courtesy of Le Rocca Cultural Association

A check of historical documents has shown that the bridge was heavily trafficked in 1501 and 1503 and that was when Leonardo da Vinci lived in the area.

This bridge reduces the duration of access to different places.

These historians have made many claims regarding the Mona Lisa in the past.

At one point he said that Leonardo da Vinci used a male and a female model for the painting.

It should be noted that the world’s most famous painting is currently kept behind bulletproof glass in the Louvre Museum in Paris.