National team captain Babar Azam has reacted to opening batsman Imamul Haq’s tweet.

Before the fifth one-day match against New Zealand yesterday, Imam-ul-Haq had tweeted a meaningful tweet, after which a new debate broke out on Twitter and till now Imam is trending on Twitter.

In a statement on Twitter, Imam wrote that ‘Life is an unexpected journey, so don’t expect anything from anyone, be patient, Allah is watching’.

However, during the press conference after the fifth match, Babar Azam was asked about the tweet, to which Babar replied, “I don’t know, I didn’t see the mobile phone, whether he tweeted or not, let’s see what he did.” Tweet’s.

The captain added, ‘There is no resentment in our team, the unity of our team is quite good and will remain, if something happens in the family, we try not to let it go out, the boys don’t even act like that. There is trust in the team like a family.

Babar further said ‘The confidence level in our team is quite good, I don’t think Imam’s tweet has anything to do with the match’.

It should be noted that Imam-ul-Haq was not fed in the fourth match against New Zealand after which Imam-ul-Haq gave this message before the fifth match.

Earlier, Imam-ul-Haq had talked about his teammates in a press conference and asked not to do any more experiments.

According to cricket circles, Imam-ul-Haq is not being fed because of his statement in the press conference.