The reason is very interesting / Reuters Photo
The reason is very interesting / Reuters Photo

The British monarchy is centuries old, and when one thinks of King Charles Swim or Queen Elizabeth II, the thought of their clad bodyguards comes to mind.

These guards are very unique in their design and have been fighting British enemies since the 1800s.

But why do these guards wear red shirts and long black hats?

It may be hard to believe but this is the uniform that was adopted to intimidate the opposing British forces.

According to the experts, tall soldiers look more terrifying and keeping this thought in mind, such a soldier’s dress was prepared for the fight against France.

These soldiers’ hats are called bearskins because they are made of bear skin.

For this purpose, the skins of Canadian black bears are used, a certain number of which are killed each year to keep the bear population under control.

That is, it can also be said that no bear is specifically killed for this 18-inch long hat.

The British Army buys 50 to 100 such caps each year and each one costs around $900.

Soldiers wearing such hats carry out ceremonial duties such as the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace or performing duties in the annual parade on the King’s or Queen’s birthday.

In fact, they are all soldiers whose services are assigned to the royal palace for a period of time.

These soldiers wear red coats in summer and gray coats in winter and according to experts the red color was adopted to save money.

He said that red is the cheapest and easiest color to produce while on the battlefield it makes it easier to identify friends from enemies.

He said that the role of these guards is important in relation to the British monarchy and they are also the center of attraction for tourists in London.