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There is a famous saying that ‘When the giver gives, the cover is torn off’, this saying proved to be true for an Australian woman.

According to reports, the woman won a lottery worth crores of rupees with the help of the numbers seen in her dream.

According to foreign media, an Australian woman won a lottery jackpot of $670,000 (more than Rs. 19 crore), using a set of numbers that she dreamed up to buy the lottery.

Altona, Victoria, told lottery officials she bought her ticket on the lottery’s website on April 12, but only found out she had won the prize when she checked her account balance several days later. There were 670 thousand dollars.

The woman said that she had chosen the lottery numbers with the help of the numbers she had seen in her dreams.

The Australian woman said that I saw certain numbers in a dream, I remembered those numbers and bought a ticket of those numbers and luckily I hit the jackpot which I can’t believe at all.