American man improves himself with chat GPT / File photo
American man improves himself with chat GPT / File photo

Well, chatbots based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology have made an impact on many aspects of life.

But no one would have imagined that with the help of a chatbot it is also possible to reduce body weight.

However, a person from the United States has significantly reduced body weight with the help of such an AI chatbot.

Greg Moshin, from Seattle, USA, turned to Chatbot ChatGPT, a free online chatbot, to help him lose body weight.

At the behest of his 6-year-old daughter, Greg Moshin decided to make a lifestyle change in February 2023, but working a desk job made it difficult for him to go to the gym or get the services of a trainer.

So Greg Moshin decided to use ChatGPT as a fitness trainer to save both time and money.

At their request, Chet GPT developed a program to make it possible to lose body weight.

The program called for no running exercise at first and after 3 days just brisk walking around the house for 5 minutes.

At first, Greg Moshin thought it was a very simple training program and what good would it do, but then he decided to implement it.

So they started implementing the program and it proved to be easy to implement due to its simplicity.

The program suggested gradually increasing the duration and intensity of exercise while providing adequate rest periods to avoid fatigue.

Greg Moshin had been a part of such programs in the past but they were more rigorous and after a few days he would give up due to exhaustion.

But Chet GPT’s program did not let him get tired and now his running ability has increased significantly.

During 3 months body weight decreased by more than 11 kg while physical energy and health also improved.

He said that while the experience with ChatGPT proved to be the best, similar results can be achieved with online research or with the help of a trainer.

According to Greg Moshin, ‘It’s just the beginning, but I’m a better person now and can even consider hiring a good trainer.’