It has a stunning effect / File photo
It has a stunning effect / File photo

You may have noticed that after many years of marriage, husband and wife start to look quite similar.

Every married couple has a lot in common in their lives, some of them even start to meet each other in the face.

But why does this happen? The hidden reasons behind this are quite interesting, which were revealed by scientists.

Over the years

A scientist, Robert Zajonc, compared photos of couples before and after 25 years of marriage.

Their research I discovered that if husband and wife have different faces in the beginning, after many years they start to look surprisingly similar.

Living together

One possible reason why husbands and wives are alike is sharing life experiences.

Couples living together experience all kinds of joys and sorrows and they face all situations together.

This also affects their body language and emotional states Effects are composed and their lives begin to be seen ‘written’ on their faces.

Many times, some couples also have wrinkles on their faces in the same place.

Feeling attracted to people who are similar to you

Research Reports According to us, we are more attracted to people whose faces are similar to us.

According to experts, the children of such couples also look similar to them.

Similarity of the immune system

Our immune system is a reflection of our lifestyle, which includes elements such as dietary habits and exercise.

one research It was discovered that after several years of marriage, the immune systems of couples also become similar to each other.

This is done by sharing habits and lifestyles with each other.

Imitation of each other’s personality

Couples who are happy are unconscious of each other’s habits and body language Copy They also start doing it.

This shows the confidence and emotional satisfaction of these couples in the relationship.

According to experts, couples tend to change their habits during their married life, as if one tries to make healthy eating a part of the routine, his spouse usually does the same.