Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Iran has appointed Ali Reza Inayati as its ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

According to Saudi media, Ali Reza Inayati has worked as an assistant to Iran’s foreign minister.

Apart from this, Ali Reza has also been the Director General of Arab Gulf Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran.

It should be noted that after many years of tension, relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia are improving with the mediation of China.

In recent days, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdullahiyan says that Saudi Arabia has appointed its new ambassador in Tehran, and the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Iran will be opened in the next few days.

Under the terms of the agreement reached on March 10, the two countries agreed to appoint new ambassadors and reopen their embassies within two months.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia and Iran decided to restore diplomatic relations after 2016, after which the foreign ministers of the two countries have met, while the Iranian president also accepted the invitation to visit Saudi Arabia on behalf of the late King Salman. Who is