If told, people think she's pregnant and can't work: Actress talks at a program / File photo
If told, people think she’s pregnant and can’t work: Actress talks at a program / File photo

Pakistani actress Sahra Asghar says that she hid the news of her pregnancy from her family and even from the production house for 7 to 8 months.

Sahaha Asghar recently participated in a private media program during which she told about her pregnancy that ‘We announced in the family in the 7th month of pregnancy that even the production house she was working with didn’t know. I was pregnant.

He said that I did not even tell the production house I was working with that I was pregnant because if I told them, people would think that I am pregnant and cannot work.

The actress said that it was easy to hide the pregnancy because the role of the play I was playing was also the role of a pregnant woman. After this project we told everyone in the family about the pregnancy.